South Bay Publishing FAQ

How much does it cost the author to publish through South Bay Publishing?
The author pays no fees and no money for any of our services… ever!!!
We handle all the costs of basic editing with the author, design layout for both print and eBook editions, ISBN numbers, cover design, printing, distribution and promotion.

What genres do you publish?
Currently, we are accepting manuscripts for Self Help/Inspirational/How to Books, as well as Children’s Books. We are looking for manuscripts that are well-written, interesting and well-edited.

Do I have to sign an exclusive contract?
Yes. But we offer a very generous terms and believe that you will be pleased with our contract. We offer royalties up to 75 percent of net sales.

How long does the whole process take?
Usually it takes anywhere from six to eight months from submission of your final manuscript. There are things that can affect your book’s timeline. We ensure that your book is fully and expertly created and set up for all platforms. We feel that any publisher that does it in less time is probably cutting corners on quality!

Can I get a paper proof instead of a pdf?
We send your manuscript proof as a pdf for two reasons. The first reason is to speedily get it in your hands without getting lost in the mail. The second is that you will have an opportunity to view it on a screen and get an idea of how it will appear on electronic devices so you may better edit.

Do you publish Kindle books and eBooks?
All of our books are formatted and published in Kindle and several other eBook versions. After your print book is complete, we’ll reformat it into Amazon’s Kindle format and publish it through We’ll also format your book as an ePub eBook, the most popular standard besides Kindle. That makes it available through dozens of online retailers, and readable by Nook, iPad, Kobo and pretty much all eBook readers.  We publish electronically through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple’s iBooks.

Who sets the cover price of my book?
We set a minimum Retail Price on all our books because there are some costs that you just can’t reduce, e.g. printing. But we’ve attempted to set the minimums as low as possible and still allow you to make a reasonable profit.

How much will I earn?
Authors earn royalties based on the number of books sold. We pay royalties on a sliding scale that goes up as more and more books are sold.

How often are authors paid?
Sales are posted to your author login page monthly. Amazon reports Kindle sales around the middle of the month. You’ll receive a check in the mail if your account balance is greater than $50, or we can electronically send it to your bank account. Those with less than $50 are carried over to the next statement until they reach $50 or the end of the year, whichever occurs first.

What does it cost to purchase copies of my own book?
South Bay Publishing will make copies of your book available for purchase to you at a special ‘Author’s Price’, generally it equals 50% off the retail price of the book. Price varies due to cost of printing book (based on size).

Can I provide my own design for the cover?
You may. However, our Editorial and Marketing Director will make the final decision as to which is the best design to ensure that your book gets the proper recognition.

How will my book be distributed?
Your printed book will be listed in the Baker & Taylor Distribution catalog. Virtually every bookstore in the world depends on this resource to order printed books. Your book will also be sold on,, and iBooks.

Who’s going to do the promotion of my book?
In today’s world of publishing, the authors do most of the promotional work themselves. But we don’t leave you out in the cold! Our professional Marketing Department will start sending you weekly emails on Marketing techniques (with all the details you need to get it done) as soon as your manuscript is officially accepted. These emails will continue for several months after your publication date.