South Bay Publishing

Get Published Now!  Our Authors receive:

All necessary ISBN codes

o    Since you need an ISBN code for each type of book – one for the eBooks and another one for the print copy, these fees can add up.  We provide them to you at no extra cost!

Professional Full-color cover design

o    A book cover plays a vital part in helping to sell your books. Free publishing sites, like Amazon, do provide templates for book covers but they are mundane and easily identifiable as being self-published. We provide a wonderfully designed cover that is made to draw in readers!

Library of Congress number

o    This gives your book the ability to be distributed to Libraries. Without this number you can only get into a library if you personally convince the librarian to do it.

Listing on all online retailers through Baker & Taylor

o     All book sellers go through Baker & Taylor to order their books and for listing in Books in Print (for UK and Europe). This ensures that your book will be available to all vendors and venues, as well as worldwide distribution.

You can regain back all the rights to your work

o    After two years of South Bay Publishing selling your book, and one option for another two years, you can regain back all the rights to your book. After you establish a selling record, marketing your future books to any publisher is easier – and you can have the rights to your current book to bundle with them. Of course, we want you to find that your experience with South Bay Publishing is so good that you will continue publishing your future books with us!

Prompt and detailed monthly accounting

o    We send a fully detailed accounting of the sales and commissions on your book each month.