South Bay Publishing Submissions

Submission Overview

  • South Bay Publishing does not accept or consider any work that is obscene or slanderous.
  • Submitting authors must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must hold the rights to your work before submission, although your work does not need to be copyrighted at this time. The work must be copyrighted by the author before publishing.
  • South Bay Publishing does not accept unfinished manuscripts. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable. A Literary Agent is not required for submission.
  • Submitting your work does not constitute an agreement or contract to publish. There is a thorough process that is performed before an offer to publish is made to the author.
  • Please review our entire web site for information about South Bay Publishing before submitting your work.
  • Your privacy is extremely important to us. We will never sell, or otherwise provide your information to any third party.

Submission Process

1Fill out our Submission Form (on the top menu under Submissions), include the first three chapters of your book.

Your first three chapters are given an assessment and a determination is made about publishing.

If we decide to proceed, then you email your entire manuscript to us and it is reviewed by our editorial team for content and ability to market. When a final acceptance is made, a contract is sent to you for your review. You complete the contract and fill out a Marketing Information Sheet about you and your book.

Layout and Editing

1 – After the acceptance process is complete, we further edit the manuscript for technical errors.

2 – A book cover is created and sent to you for your approval.

3 – The book layout is started for Amazon (we do not put your eBook on any other platforms for the first 90 days – after that a layout is started for nook, Barnes and Noble, printed book, etc.).

4 – Before submissions to Amazon, the final version will be electronically sent to you for final proofing.

5 – You make any final corrections and electronically send it back to us.

6 – Book is submitted for final uploading and distributing.


1 – As soon as book acceptance is finalized, our marketing department will be sending a Marketing Plan and emails with detailed instructions on implementing each stage. Now is the time to lay the groundwork to have book sales skyrocket as soon as your book is published!

2 – We create a website/blog and Facebook page for the book if you do not already have one.

3 – A publication date is set. An important step for marketing is to schedule a Book Launch – complete ‘how to’ instructions are emailed to you. Our marketing department sends Press Releases to various outlets advising them of your forthcoming book!

4 – After the publication date, our marketing department will continue to send weekly emails for the next six months on many ways to further market your book. This will ensure that your book continues to sell well.